TV talk show anchor Jasmeen Manzoor announced her resignation from her TV channel citing threats to be the major reason for her relinquishment. Jasmeen announced her resignation via her twitter account further stating Jasmeen-Manzoorthat her show was stopped from getting aired after receiving a restraining order from the Court.

Jasmeen accused Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) and the builder mafia to have hugely influenced the stoppage of her show from getting aired.

Jasmeen stated that she was pressurized and was threatened to avert her show which was based on the recent demolition of a Hindu temple within Soldier Bazar. Jasmeen blamed the builder mafia to have influenced the Court in getting a stay order and stopping the show from getting aired. According to Jasmeen, the stay order stated that the show might disseminate hatred and hence the channel was restricted from airing the show.

Jasmeen was full of praise for her TV channel stating that it had fully supported her till the end but was left with no choice when the Court order was received.

As reported by Aaj TV

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