Pakistan Journalist Safety Fund operates through the following set of basic rules;

  1. Any victim journalist can file for assistance from the PJSF for their own case or can help a colleague by filing a request on his/her behalf
  2. The assistance must be requested by filling out the “Assistance Application Form”. In case the nature of threat is urgent and a rapid response is required for help, the form can be filled out later, but as soon as possible to ensure documentation and transparency
  3. Any assistance for a victim journalist can only be considered and approved by the PJSF Steering Committee. The decision of the Committee will be final.
  4. The application of assistance should preferably be made to the relevant provincial chapter of the PFUJ, which in turn will conduct the verification of the case and recommend nature and scale of assistance. Once this is done, the filled out form containing the verification will be shared with the the Steering Committee members who can approve or decline support through a simple majority vote.
  5. Once the assistance is approved, the beneficiary will be helped through the PFUJ or its affiliates and the beneficiary will have to follow allied instructions.
  6. An application of assistance can be emailed at safetyfund@intermedia.org.pk or faxed to PFUJ office at 051-287-0220 or Intermedia office at 051-260-4073.
  7. Any assistance will be ideally considered by the Steering Committee only once the full Assistance Application Form has been submitted, reviewed (in line with Safety Fund procedures and guidelines for verification of the case and recommendation of assistance) and approved.
  8. Any assistance will be made subject to availability of funds.

For more information on Pakistan Journalist Safety  Fund, you can write to us at journalistsafety@intermedia.org.pk

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