The news of Dawn’s Magazine Editor Murtaza Razvi’s death was met with shock and grief and within minutes, there was speculation galore. Whether people knew him or not, everybody started checking for the authenticity of the news and wondered if it was another one of the many sectarian attacks in the city.

But despite the mystery surrounding his death, his friends and colleagues chose to remember him for the amazing person and thorough professional that he was.Editor Dawn Zaffar Abbas told The News that “Murtaza’s death is a loss for Dawn, the organisation he worked for, as well as the profession”.

Tweeting about his longtime friend, Abbas Nasir, who worked with Razvi while the former was Editor of Dawn, wrote: “Great journalist, compassionate man, a sucker for good causes, a loyal friend, a doting dad and probably his wife’s best buddy is no more.”

Well-known columnist and satirist Nadeem F. Paracha tweeted: “Murtaza Razvi, thru Dawn, almost single-handedly resurrected my career as a columnist. Thank you, dear comrade, for everything. RIP.”

Omar Quraishi, editor of the editorial pages at Express Tribune, wrote that he (Razvi) “had a biting wit and which he put to good use in our daily editorial meetings at #Dawn.” Another friend and colleague, Jalees Hazir, while speaking to The News on the phone, said, “I am still in shock.”

Hazir was the editor of the Frontier Post magazine in Lahore when Razvi joined the newspaper in early 90s. Having worked with him closely, Hazir said that Razvi was one of the most intelligent and well-read people onboard.

“While I stepped aside from journalism for a while he went ahead and proved himself quite brilliantly by writing columns and mastering his art throughout the years,” he said of his friend. Recalling their time of working together, Hazir said that those were the days of idealism and “he was the best person for the job as he was always on the go”.

After living in Lahore, Razvi moved to Karachi where he joined Dawn in the year 2000. Later he returned to Lahore where he served as Resident Editor from 2005-2007. Khuda Bux Abro, an artist and illustrator with Dawn, said he worked with Razvi for over 15 years.

Like many of his colleagues, he heard about the journalist’s murder at work. Speaking about the working relationship he shared with him, Bux said that it is a “loss to the profession” as there were very few “educated people” like Murtaza left in the field of journalism.

Leaving behind a wife and three daughters, Razvi was anything but irresponsible, Bux said. “I don’t know who did what and how he met with such a terrible fate, but I can say for sure that he was a responsible father and husband. He would never stay outside like that, something is fishy for sure, which will eventually come to the fore,” he added.

Originally published in The News

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