Condemning the killing of a tribal journalist Mukarram Khan by unknown persons, the Journalists’ community asked Taliban main leadership in Pakistan and Afghanistan to explain whether they were involvement or not in the killing of journalists. “No one can stop us from writing reality and we can not be frightened by anyone” they protesting journalists vowed.

The journalists of the Khyber Union of Journalists (KhUJ) on the call of Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ), Thursday hold a protest demonstration against the killing of a tribal journalist here at the premise of Peshawar Press Club. A large number of journalists including tribal journalists tying black strips upon their arms were holding placards and banner inscribed with slogans against the killing of journalists. The infuriated protestors were chanted full throated slogans against the shameful killing of the newsmen and questioned the responsibilities of the government to provide safety to working journalists. The community leaders’ warned that no one can stop them from writing reality and vowed to continue their struggle of writing reality.

The protesting newsmen after recording their protest came out of the press club building and gathered at main road outside cantt Railway Station. On this occasion addressing the protestors, President Peshawar press club Saif-ul-Islam Saifi said that Mukaram Khan, a tribal journalist from Mohmand agency, kept balance reporting and had never been became a controversial for both side, but his working in for a foreign channel Voice of America Pashto Radio Service caused his death, while a group of Taliban has already claimed killing of Mukaram Khan, he added.

“If the militants kill the journalists by working in any American broadcast, there are many Americans here in Peshawar, he said and work with any US institute related to broadcast did not mean to be killed them because of the US, he added. “We all are labours and earning livelihood for our family members through this profession,” he reminded.

Besides, a senior tribal journalist of Waziristan agency said that there were several journalists were targeted by unknown terrorists during performing their professional duty, why because they wanted to acquaint the nation with reality of the so-called war on terror. General Secretary of KhUJ Yousaf Ali also expressed deep sorrows over killing of Mukaram Khan said that he was the 24th journalists including Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, was killed.

Condemning the murdering the tribal journalist, addition secretary of PFUJ Khalid Khan Khweshgi said that there were several groups among the militants but we want to ask from the Taliban main leadership Mulla Umar in Afghanistan, Hakeemullah Mehsood and others in Pakistan whether they are involved in killing of slain journalist and others or not so that they (Journalists) could know that who are behind brutality assassination of the journalists’ community.

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